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Meet Our Founder

Meet ISHITA DAHUJA MALHOTRA, the visionary force behind the fashion brand Spiink. With a passion for creativity and a relentless pursuit of style, ISHITA has transformed the fashion landscape with their unique perspective and expertise.

Having studied fashion in the United Kingdom, ISHITA brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for trends to Spiink. Their educational journey has provided a solid foundation in understanding the intricacies of the fashion industry, from design concepts to manufacturing techniques.


Driven by a desire to empower individuals through fashion, ISHITA founded Spiink with a vision to offer customizable clothing and accessories that reflect personal style and celebrate individuality. Her belief that fashion should be an expression of one's true self has inspired a collection that embodies diversity, vibrancy, and creativity. With a spirited touch, ISHITA has curated a brand that embraces the latest trends while infusing each design with a unique twist. By blending contemporary elements with their own artistic flair, they have cultivated a distinct aesthetic that resonates with fashion-forward individuals seeking something extraordinary. 


 Beyond their creative vision, ISHITA is deeply committed to ethical practices and sustainability. They strive to minimize the brand's ecological footprint by carefully selecting materials and partnering with manufacturers who share their values. Through their passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication, ISHITA has transformed Spiink into a symbol of self-expression and bold fashion choices. Their entrepreneurial spirit and creative prowess continue to shape the brand's identity, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves through fashion. Join ISHITA and the Spiink community on an exciting fashion journey, where spirited style and boundless creativity intertwine to inspire and uplift.