The coronavirus pandemic has got countries to decree a worldwide lockdown wherein citizens have been asked to stay at home and not venture out. This has been done to restrict mobility and consequent chances of contact and spread of the novel virus that is highly contagious.

In this pandemic a lot of people have gone through mental health issues. Mental health these days is a very important concern and in this pandemic a lot of people are suffering from mental health issues. People have lost their jobs and have no work. This has impacted their mental health to a great concern. Sitting at home and doing nothing has had a major impact on mental health. People have lost their loved ones. They dont have any ways to cope up with their loss as everyone has to sit at home which has majorly impacted their mental health. Some people have died of hunger. People have no way to keep themselves busy as they have lost their jobs and there’s no work to do.

In these unprecedented times, we dont have any option but to see the positive side always. Spending time with our loved ones which we never had earlier is a positive side to this situation. Keeping yourself busy by working out, doing your hobbies, doing something you are passionate about or learning something new are some of the ways to keep yourself going and to keep your mental health intact.

Some Ways to cope up with this lockdown are:

• Learning something you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time to.

• Exploring new things and new hobbies.

• Gardening can be really therapeutic and can really help with your mental health.

• Working out is always a good option to release happy hormones.

• Spending time with your loved ones and playing games, watching movies etc.

• Reading books is a good option to keep your mind at peace.

• Journaling is a great way to keep your your mind at peace.

No matter what the situation is, we should always be grateful for where we are and we should always thank god for keeping us and our families healthy in this pandemic.

Loads of Love
Team Spiink
Stay Safe